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In response to the progress of bioscience in recent years, growing attention has been paid to the materials, named biomaterials, that interact with a living body or its composition elements like proteins or the cells, and so on. Many of such biomaterials were already put to practical use with the high-tech devices as central materials, such as artificial organs, drug delivery system and biosensors. In addition, the research and development of new biomaterials are actively carried out all around the world, e.g the material whose structures and functions are changed responding to external stimuli (Intelligent materials) or those who are guiding the proliferation and differentiation of the cells.
------by Kazunori Kataoka From 'Biomaterial Engineering' (Publisher, Shokabo)

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2016. 4.25
Our paper entitled "Nanomedicines Eradicating Cancer Stem-Like Cells in Vivo by pH-Triggered Intracellular Cooperative Action of Loaded Drugs" has been published online on ACS Nano, and was carried on The University of Tokyo Press Releases, The University of Tokyo Facebook, The University of Tokyo Twitter, (4/20) Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, (4/19) The Chemical Daily, (4/19) Kanagawa Shimbun, (4/19) Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, (4/19) Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Online, (4/18) TV Kanagawa (tvk) NEWS930α, (4/18) Nikkei Press Release, (4/18) TVK News, (4/18) Yahoo!Japan News
2016. 4. 1
Prof. Kataoka became Specially-appointed Professor of Policy Alternative Research Institute, the University of Tokyo, and is appointed to Director General of Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM), Kawasaki Institute of Industry Promotion, Kawasaki, Japan.
Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM) homepage
The Policy Alternatives Research Institute
2016. 3.29
News about Prof. Kataoka was carried on University of North Carolina homepage.
Inaugural Carolina Nanoformulation Workshop Shares Discoveries in Nanomedicine
2016. 3.17
Our paper entitled "Influence of RNA strand rigidity on polyion complex formation with block catiomers" has been published on Macromolecular Rapid Communications (Volume 37, Issue 6, 486-493 March 2016) and selected as a back cover.
Paper / Back Cover
2016. 3. 2
Our paper entitled "Rod-to-globule transition of pDNA/PEG-Poly(L-lysine) polyplex micelles induced by a collapsed balance between DNA rigidity and PEG crowdedness" has been published on Small (Volume 12, no. 9, March 2, 2016) and selected as a back cover.
Paper / Back Cover
2016. 2.29
The paper entitled "Vascular bursts enhance permeability of tumour blood vessels and improve nanoparticle delivery" was published in Nature Nanotechnology, and was carried on nanotechweb.org and UroToday.
▶ nanotechweb.org (2/22); Tumour blood vessel defects amass large nanoparticles
▶ UroToday (2/23): Integrated nanotechnology platform for tumor-targeted multimodal imaging and therapeutic cargo release
2016. 2.16
The paper entitled "Vascular bursts enhance permeability of tumour blood vessels and improve nanoparticle delivery" from our lab is published in Nature Nanotechnology, and is featured in News & Views of the Issue.
Drug delivery: Redefining tumour vascular barriers
2016. 2. 9
Our paper entitled "Intracellular delivery of charge-converted monoclonal antibodies by combinatorial design of block/homo polyion complex micelles" has been published on Biomacromolecules (Volume 17, Issue 2, February 8, 2016) and selected as a cover.
Paper / Cover
2016. 1. 6
The paper entitled "Messenger RNA delivery of a cartilage-anabolic transcription factor as a disease-modifying strategy for osteoarthritis treatment" was published in Scientific Reports, and was carried on The Nikkei(1/10)The University of TokyoUTokyo Research(1/13)The Nikkei(1/6)JIJIPRESSToyo Keizai ONLINEYahoo! JapanMynavi NewsWall Street JournalBIGLOBE NewsGadget News.
2016. 1. 4
Associate Professor Kanjiro Miyata moved to Department of Materials Engineering on January 1.
Associate Professor Keiji Itaka received the best poster award at 3rd International mRNA Health Conference. The presentation title is "A disease-modifying strategy for osteoarthritis treatment by introducing mRNA encoding cartilage-anabolic transcription factor".